Protected: Finding Life

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Protected: Percentages, future retrospect and learning to pay attention — Part 1

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Time for some change

Hand sig­nal before turn­ing saves lives

Can I get any nerdier/weirder?

So, I’m sit­ting here lis­ten­ing to elec­tron­ica radio with my client on my Nokia N810, eat­ing Haa­gen Dazs Green Tea ice cream at 11am (and wear­ing a green polo with green Polo Sport shoes too), cod­ing a CAN-based boot­loader and look­ing up gan­glions (gross) and just real­ized some­thing.… I’m pretty weird. I love it!


Yeah… and I made it! If you see it any­where else, let me know as it isn’t for com­mon use. Com­ing soon to a con­sumer device near you. For NDA rea­sons, I can’t tell you who or what prod­uct, but let’s just say if our fair­weather friend doesn’t fare the weather so well, Mal­lo­cat will apeerz!

Back from Japan

Ok… So I just got back from Japan and I only have one thing to say. I have found my home. I never should’ve left. Granted I did visit as a tourist, but I did avoid the typ­i­cal tourist traps (exclud­ing Meiji Shrine). Even in my short stay (1 week), I believe I have seen enough to […]

I’m going to Japan!!

Guess what? Oh.. You already got it.. Stu­pid title… Yes, that’s right folks. I’m going to the land of the ris­ing sun. The won­der­if­er­ous place where Love Hotels are pop­u­lous and guns are far and few between. So what does this mean to you? It means, many beau­ti­ful pic­tures of me gloat­ing and hav­ing a great […]

The Japanese ROCK!

I’m telling you, Japan­ese engi­neers are the bestest! I mean, seri­ously, aitsu. From Mind remote con­trol humans, to the lap pil­low, no other coun­try sup­ports their engi­neers wild imag­i­na­tions (and lonely per­ver­sions) as much as Japan. As an exam­ple, I think they’ve out­done them­selves with this one. Just think for a moment. Think about all those […]

I’m a Traitor..

I finally did it. I moved out of Shade Tree (the apart­ment com­plex will remain name­less for their anonymin­ity *cough*Lake*choke*Meadows*cough*). I actu­ally moved out of the city to a sub­urb of all places. All the years I would talk about how much I though the ‘burbs sucked and that they were bor­ing and that the […]