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Dec­la­ra­tions to the fall­en ears

Back from Japan

Ok… So I just got back from Japan and I only have one thing to say. I have found my home. I nev­er should’ve left. Grant­ed I did vis­it as a tourist, but I did avoid the typ­i­cal tourist traps (exclud­ing Mei­ji Shrine). Even in my short stay (1 week), I believe I have seen […]

I’m a Traitor..

I final­ly did it. I moved out of Shade Tree (the apart­ment com­plex will remain name­less for their anonymin­i­ty *cough*Lake*choke*Meadows*cough*). I actu­al­ly moved out of the city to a sub­urb of all places. All the years I would talk about how much I though the ‘burbs sucked and that they were bor­ing and that the […]