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Usually associated with crazy people, especially them crazy Japanese cats.


Yeah… and I made it! If you see it any­where else, let me know as it isn’t for com­mon use. Com­ing soon to a con­sumer device near you. For NDA rea­sons, I can’t tell you who or what prod­uct, but let’s just say if our fair­weather friend doesn’t fare the weather so well, Mal­lo­cat will apeerz!

The Japanese ROCK!

I’m telling you, Japan­ese engi­neers are the bestest! I mean, seri­ously, aitsu. From Mind remote con­trol humans, to the lap pil­low, no other coun­try sup­ports their engi­neers wild imag­i­na­tions (and lonely per­ver­sions) as much as Japan. As an exam­ple, I think they’ve out­done them­selves with this one. Just think for a moment. Think about all those […]