Time for some change

It’s def­i­nitely been a long time since I’ve actu­ally updated my blog. Hon­estly, I had a good rea­son why not to — no focus.

No focus in the sense that this blog really didn’t have any real goal or pur­pose. It started off as a cool thing to do (all the cool kids are doing it), then a per­sonal soap box and finally a bit of news report­ing. To be frank, I failed at all of those. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not call­ing myself a fail­ure in a self-deprecating way. I mean in the best, post-mortem way. To real­ize the err of one’s way is the first step to recov­ery and prevention.

So let’s con­sider this a first step in that recovery.

At the behest of one of my biggest sup­port­ers (Mom, of course), I will use my first post as a guide­line for the future of this blog. Addi­tion­ally, since I find myself usu­ally at a loss when asked to give a story about my life, I will try to present my diary-like log entries in some sort of prose-like for­mat. To not pigeon­hole myself, to allow my cre­ative juices to flow and respect other cre­atives, I will attempt to use a dif­fer­ent style of writ­ing for each post — short story, poetry, haiku, quotation.

I’ll also try to be less sopho­moric. It’ll be hard (that’s what she said) but I must try. My cur­rent age is not what is dic­tat­ing the change (32) but instead my desire to really be taken more seri­ously… by myself.

Wel­come to my new. Say hello to Hand Sig­nal Before Turning.

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