The Japanese ROCK!

I’m telling you, Japan­ese engi­neers are the bestest! I mean, seri­ously, aitsu. From Mind remote con­trol humans, to the lap pil­low, no other coun­try sup­ports their engi­neers wild imag­i­na­tions (and lonely per­ver­sions) as much as Japan.

As an exam­ple, I think they’ve out­done them­selves with this one. Just think for a moment. Think about all those times when you felt like vis­it­ing your friends but you were just too lazy. Well, guess what? With the new Mutual Telex­is­tence robot gTELESAR h (yeah… that’s the full name), you can be there and even FEEL what’s hap­pen­ing! That’s right, this robot actu­ally uti­lizies force feed­back to recre­ate phys­i­cal con­tact that is applied to the slave robot!!
Ok.. So it’s not really that cool, but hey, you have to give it to them. Besides, when all else fails, just remem­ber it was the Japan­ese who gave us Tranzor-Z with the breast fir­ing rock­ets and frig­gin Super Milk Chan.
Word to your mother, Pikachu. Word to your mother.

Update: I almost for­got! The lonely Japan­ese women are just as lucky! The men­folk get the lap pil­low and the sessy ladies get the boyfriend’s arm!

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