Back from Japan

Ok… So I just got back from Japan and I only have one thing to say.

I have found my home.

I never should’ve left. Granted I did visit as a tourist, but I did avoid the typ­i­cal tourist traps (exclud­ing Meiji Shrine). Even in my short stay (1 week), I believe I have seen enough to war­rant my pro­claima­tion. I have vis­ited over 10 coun­tries in my (short) life­time but Japan is hands-down the best coun­try I’ve ever vis­ited. Actu­ally, this was my sec­ond time and it was just as life-changing as it was the first time I vis­ited. I’ve gone to Mex­ico, Canada, Poland, Ire­land, Switzer­land, Rus­sia, Fin­land, Esto­nia, Japan and obvi­ously the States — Japan was the only place that I really felt that I could I fit in, even as a gai­jin. I didn’t get stared at, talked down, knocked over (except for some arro­gant Amer­i­can broad), slighted, ignored, sec­ond guessed or just plain dis­re­spected as I nor­mally get here in the States on a reg­u­lar, almost daily basis. Addi­tion­ally, it’s no secret that they are gen­er­ally more tech­no­log­i­cally advanced than we are — we have the States and the nuclear bombs to thank for that though. (Just so you under­stand I’m not being dis­re­spect­ful, after WWII ended by the extreme tatic of nuclear war­fare, William Dem­ming basi­cally turned Japan around to a man­age­ment pow­er­house that even­tu­ally sur­passed the effi­ciency of the States best run com­pa­nies). The US is a top notch coun­try and I try not to take for granted the lib­er­ties that I do have here. Hell, in other coun­tries, blogs like this would be shut down imme­di­ately (espe­cially my really nervi­ous post). The catch is, the laws writ­ten to sup­port and enforce our “lib­er­ties” are actu­ally just done to edu­cate the big­oted majority.

Ok, ok… I’m get­ting off my soap box.
You pro­lly don’t care about this stuff any­way. All you care about is the cool stuff I saw in Nihon and report it.
And report it I shall. So, for my first post, I will talk about my new Ely­sium key­board (that I am hav­ing such a hard time typ­ing on since it’s a Japan­ese keyboard)…

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